Connecting people to the presence and power of Jesus Christ. 

In order to most effectively carry out this mission in our church and throughout the city of Washington, we are committed to the following values, which express what we believe Christ expects from his people: 

Biblical Faith
We believe that the truths of the Bible are the foundation of all that we believe and that God’s Word is to be preached and taught without compromise.

Authentic Worship
We seek to authentically worship God in Spirit and Truth in the Anglican tradition.

Personal Relationship with God
We seek that each individual Christian grows in a deeper knowledge and closer relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit through personal and corporate prayer, worship, study, service and relationships. 

Welcoming to All
We seek to welcome people from all walks of life to discover what it means to know Jesus Christ and to love and serve others as Christ loves and serves us. 

We seek to make Jesus Christ and his honor the purpose of everything we say and do. 

Disciple Making
We seek to make disciples (followers) of Jesus Christ in our church and in our community through studying the Bible together, praying for and with one another, and developing godly relationships with one another. 

We seek to be a diverse fellowship of people from all ages and backgrounds who come together to grow in their faith.

Families and Singles
We seek to have a special heart for families, offering them instruction in God’s Word, training in His ways, and a place to grow as a family. We seek also to have a special heart for singles, striving to be a family to them and help them grow as disciples of Christ. 

We seek to reach out to the community in order to share the message and love of Jesus Christ through our words and deeds.

Christ Church is affiliated with the Anglican Diocese of the Carolinas which connects us to a national and global fellowship of Christians from around the world.